Hi, I'm Jo.

Yoga instructor, trauma survivor, current coach, future therapist.

I was born in a town called Oroville, the city of gold. Raised in a tiny mountain village nearby without internet or TV, it was here in the forests of northern California that I had ample time to explore nature's wild cycles of death and rebirth.

My memories of these early days are few - you see, as a child I experienced emotional neglect and physical abuse that primed my body to live in survival mode for years. This coupled with a strict, shame-based religious worldview and being homeschooled created a storm of physical and mental health challenges as I lived in denial of my authentic self.

I lived with suicidal depression from the time I was about 14, and it would be many years before I reconnected with who I was, unraveled the generational trauma that had been held in my family for generations, and found my way to being depression-free once again. Now, I help people like you clear their ancestral patterns so you can reclaim your joy.

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So what is ancestral healing?

Ancestral healing is the process of getting out of negative cycles which have been passed down to you by your ancestors through generational trauma, limiting beliefs, and harmful habits. Ancestral healing is also the return to a sense of connection with yourself, your lineage, and our greatest human inheritance: nature, and our relationship with the earth.

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